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The Crazy Mason Pittsburgh, PA


Locally-Owned Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar Set to Sweeten Pittsburgh’s Waterfront in Spring 2024!

Excitement is brewing by the riverside! Pittsburgh’s Waterfront is soon to be sweeter with the opening of the locally-owned Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar.

Crazy Mason is not just about the rich and creamy shakes. It stands as a testament to local entrepreneurship, blending community spirit with indulgent treats. With a lineup of classic and novel flavors, every milkshake is a feast for both the eyes and taste buds.


Location: Waterfront
Opening Date: Late Spring 2024.
Don’t miss out on the grand opening! Snap, sip, share, and become a part of Pittsburgh's newest dessert narrative.

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Pittsburgh, get ready to embrace the Crazy Mason magic by the Waterfront!

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