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July Featured Treats are Patriotic, Popping and Dreamy

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Myrtle Beach
North Myrtle Beach
Posted: July 1, 2021

As we celebrate the height of summer throughout the month of July, it's only right we embrace our patriotic side and pay homage to the stars and stripes and all the awesome things that make our country so great.

So as we celebrate Independence Day this month — and our continued independence from the guilt of counting calories — we've come up with three great creations to help you enjoy the season and stay cool as the weather gets hotter and hotter.

This month's featured treats include a pair of red, white and blue desserts (including one with an entire slice of 3-layer cake) as well as a citrus-filled concoction you won't want to miss.

All of these items are available staring today July 1, 2021, and only while supplies last throughout the month of July before they go back into our Crazy Mason vault.

And of course, we have a lot going on this month beyond just shakes as well. Our new North Myrtle Beach location is now up and running, the soon-to-be open Gatlinburg store has started its own Facebook page and we're looking to hire more help (see below).

So stay tuned to our Facebook page throughout the month for more updates, special shakes, and summer fun, and don't forget to use #thecrazymason when you share your shakes on Instagram.

July Featured Treats & Milkshakes

Give your tastebuds a little "Pop"

Little Firecracker


Two scoops of Vanilla ice cream with blue and red marshmallow in one of our signature crazy cups. Topped with a Star lollipop, Patriotic Sprinkles, whipped topping, and Red, White & Blue Kettle Corn.

God Bless America ... And Cake

Tastes Like Freedom


Blue Birthday Cake ice cream blended in white and red marshmallow jar and a blue iced rim rolled in patriotic sprinkles. Topped with a slice of Red, White & Blue cake, whip topping and Patriotic sprinkles.

Vitamin C Ya Later

An Orange Boost to Your Immune System


Orange Dreamsicle ice cream blended in marshmallow and a vanilla iced jar rolled in orange sugar. Topped with a slice of angel food cake, Dreamsicle popsicle, whipped topping, mandarins orange and orange sugar sprinkles.

It Really Satisfies

You Got Us Snickering


Sea Salt Caramel ice cream in a chocolate and caramel swirled jar with a vanilla iced rim rolled in chopped peanuts. Topped with a Snickers Ice Cream Bar, chopped Snickers, then finished with whipped topping, caramel and chocolate drizzle.

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